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The Full Figured Industry Awards


The Plus Size & Big and Tall industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that deserves some recognition. Models, designers, event coordinators, bloggers, publications, retailers, ect. have all worked extremely hard to get to this point of being recognized in mainstream.


In November 2019, we successfully launched the Inaugural Full Figured Industry Awards (also known as The FFIAs).  The FFIAs is a prestigious ceremony of awards and of distinguished recognition honoring the craftsmanship and commitment to excellence across various platforms spanning the full-figured industry.  

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Meet The Executive Producer

Tawana Blassingame, a devoted 49er fan, is recognized for her love and dedication as a mother and daughter, embodying qualities of kindness, generosity, and compassion. Her philanthropic spirit is evident in her commitment to making a meaningful impact throughout her life. Beginning her healthcare career in 1997, she climbed the ranks, showcasing her influence and positive motivation. In addition to her professional pursuits, Tawana fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author with "Blood-Stained Conscience" in 2011.
Not stopping there, she founded Queen Size Magazine and later established the Full-Figured Industry Awards, receiving accolades for her entrepreneurial journey, including the prestigious President Biden Lifetime Achievement award and the Danny Glover Power of the Dream award on March 5th. Born in Brooklyn and now residing in Queens, NY, Tawana continues to make a significant mark on her community.

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