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ZaK Bell is an accomplished International American Fashion Designer. Throughout her years of designing and showcasing her award-winning collections that have graced the runways in Paris, London, and New York to name a few, her focus has been encouraging confidence through fashion. ZaK’s work has captured the eye of many producers, editors and chiefs of well-known magazines, headlined blogs, and has been spotted on city billboards, by staying true to her tagline, “Because Every Curve Is Beautiful”!


Her passion for self-love and self-care turned into her ministry by birthing National Curves Day in October 2015. A day once founded for women to love who they see in the mirror quickly became CoEd and all-inclusive by late summer 2017 through the award-winning non-profit National Curves Day Inc., where she serves as Co-Founder and President. 


Her talents and visionary perspective have earned her the title of “highly effective” teacher in DCPS school system. It is there ZaK educates and empowers high school students with financial literacy skills and the benefits of having an entrepreneurial mindset. She prides her knowledge on real-world street smarts and her higher education where she received a BA in Fashion Design and Marketing and MBA.


ZaK is currently a global citizen since the transition of her late husband John Bell Jr.(2021) and her Mom Peggie Shoulders (2022). She enjoys traveling, eating vegan/pescatarian, listening to rain, talking with her therapist, and creating memories with her 4.5, which consists of her two daughters Brianna & Sydney, her son King, and her business partner Aubrey.

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