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Your press pass DOES NOT allow:


  1. Early or special access into The Full Figured Industry Awards (The FFIAs)

  2. Guaranteed seating

  3. The ability to cut lines

  4. Red Carpet Interviews

  5. Backstage access


Any additional access, under certain situations, must be arranged through The Full Figured Industry PR team



Submitting a press application does not guarantee approval. All press applications will be reviewed by The Full Figured Industry Awards PR team and you will be notified if you have been approved or denied. If approved, additional information will be provided in your confirmation email and receipt. Every individual applying for The Full Figured Industry Awards press pass may only apply once.



Each press pass is issued individually. If you’re applying with a team, each person on your team needs to apply and be approved separately. The Full Figured Industry Awards reserve the right to approve or deny any application and limit the number of press passes provided to each organization. If you’re approved and then email us saying you only received one badge and need more for your team, you will be directed to have the rest of your team submit an application and they may or may not be approved for passes.


All press passes are non-transferable and non-resellable. Any individuals caught selling their press pass will be disqualified from attending all future The FFIAs Shows.  This is non-negotiable.



The Full Figured Industry Awards reserve the right to approve or deny any application. This decision is final and cannot be appealed. Please include all information in your application that will allow The Full Figured Industry Awards team to make an informed decision on your application, as you will not be able to submit further information later if your application is not approved.

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