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Michael Moss is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in multiple industries including: technology, fashion, lifestyle, transportation, government contracting, real estate, consulting, entertainment, investments and farming. Passion and Purpose are the driving forces for the growth of Michael's Enterprise.


As a native of North Carolina, Michael attended and graduated from North Carolina A&T State University and then moved to Atlanta in 2003 to pursue a Graduate Degree in Public Administration. While completing his degree, he discovered his purpose and launched Instinctive Solutions, Inc., an IT consulting firm. With over $700 million dollars of contracts executed with large Fortune 500 companies, Michael has helped companies reach their full potential while providing long- term solutions for his clients.


Another purpose was fulfilled in 2012 when he created Total Care Transportation, a Non Emergency Medical Transportation Company. The purpose of this company was to provide daily transportation services to elderly, disabled, and medical patients alike. That purpose was fulfilled by the people, employees, and life long friendships that Michael created or fostered throughout this venture.


While these only name a few of Michael's entrepreneurial ventures, his passion has always been in fashion! Beginning as a stylist in 2012, he realized a gap in the Big & Tall industry and in 2015, he officially created Big Man Culture; a custom clothing solution for Big & Tall men. With this passion, he has been able to create custom garments that span from professional athletes to professional service providers. His goal is to make every garment fit to his clients expectations and create memories through one BIG experience.


Overall, Michael continues to pursue his Passion and Purpose through his enterprise and prays to execute his future endeavors with the same zeal and excitement as all of his his previous entrepreneurial ventures!

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