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Industry Professionals who would like to participate in the nomination process can do so by:

1. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter on our website and also follow on us our IG at so you know when nominations begin, end, etc.

2. When nominations begin, open the link provided. You can be nominated by your peers, followers, clients, friends, family, business partners etc.

3. Yes you can nominate yourself, but be sure you are giving out flowers as well by nominating others. There are many categories so please don’t just nominate yourself.

We have all worked with or know someone in each of the categories, the same way you would like someone to nominate and/or vote for you, then pay it forward.

4. Potential Nominees MUST fulfill the criteria of the respective categories. Nominees are vetted so if they do not fit the category, the nomination will be disqualified.

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