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by MsBeYouDoYou

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Oscar’s, Tony’s, and the Grammy’s, but you may not have heard of the #TheFFIAS, the Full Figured Industry Awards, until now!!!! It’s been a couple of weeks already since the inaugural event, but I’m still on cloud 9 about the night!! This wasn’t at all your typical awards show oh no, this was something special created by us, for us, and because of us!!! #TheFFIAS was created and spearheaded by none other than the amazing duo behind the successful Queen Size Magazine empire, Tawana Blassingame, Philip Drew, and their amazing team. If you were not present, you missed a real treat, so I got you on the recap.



by FatnessFiction

On November 2, 2019, bodies of all sizes took over the streets of New York and the Jamaica Performing Arts Center to showcase, highlight, and honor bodies of the full-figured industry. Hosts, MsNickee and Nathaniel Jaye, kept the show’s rhythm with their attention to detail, humor, and larger-than-life chemistry on stage. However, none of this would have been possible without the vision and drive of Tawana Blassingame who was determined to create space for bodies marginalized by mainstream industries. Tawana, owner of Queen Size Magazine, created an evening to honor those bodies who have been told their goals can only be reached if their bodies changed.


Tawana Blassingame | Episode # 281


by Chenese Lewis

Tawana Blassingame is the CEO and Founder of Queen Size Magazine, a monthly full figured fashion and lifestyle publication for both men and women founded in 2011. Under her parent company Cohesive Minds Inc, Queen Size Magazine has enjoyed ten years of success. She is also the Executive Producer of the Full Figured Industry Awards (known as the FFIAs). 


What's in the SWAG Bag?

by Lala Sanyang

Take a sneak peak at all the goodies that some of our guests walked away with when the show was over.


Meet Tawana Blassingame of Queen Size Magazine and The Full Figured Industry Awards

by VoyageATL

In November 2019, Queen Size Magazine will be producing the Full Figured Industry Awards (The FFIAs). The FFIAs is a prestigious ceremony of awards and of distinguished recognition honoring the craftsmanship and commitment to excellence across various platforms spanning the full-figured industry. We will be honoring professionals such as models, designers, productions, bloggers, journalists, stylists, makeup artists, retailers, ect. This is something that was long overdue for us in my opinion. This is why my team and I decided to produce it. We have some amazing talent in this industry; talent that deserves recognition in a big way. I have watched the Emmy’s, the Golden Globes, and other award ceremonies and said many times when will our time come. Our time is now….


A Recap of The First Full Figured Industry Awards

by Kirk of XL Tribe

If you attended Full Figured Industry Awards, then you know the magic that took place in the Jamaica Performing Arts Center in Queens. But if you missed it – don’t worry, we have a full recap of the first annual Full Figured Industry Awards. 

The saying goes  – ‘if you can’t find something build it.’  And build it is exactly what Tawana Blassingame and Philip Drew did.

The duo behind Queen Size Magazine created the Full Figured Industry Awards (also known as the FFIAs) as a way to honor industry greats making a difference in the plus size and big and tall community. 


What I wore to The FFIAs

by Fearlessly Just Me

Custom gown by Hannah Caroline Couture for the Full Figured Industry Awards. I won Journalist of the Year!

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