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Please read below before completing a ballot.

  • The Nomination Round opens on Tuesday May 3rd and Closes on Friday May 20th. During this round you may nominate industry professionals who you feel (based on the qualifications) deserve to be on the ballot.

  • Please nominate ONLY ONE person/company for each category listed.

  • YOU MUST INCLUDE THEIR NAME AND THEIR IG HANDLE!!! (There are a lot of people with the same names.) Nominations that do not include both name and IG handles will be deleted.

  • YOU CANNOT NOMINATE YOURSELF. Let someone esle give you your flowers.

  • You may only complete one ballot. IP addresses are stored and duplicate responses are flagged which will result in that ballot being removed.  

  • The four Nominees in each category with the most nominations will advance to the Semi Final round for voting.

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